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Our Service

The service Trial offers its customers reflects the commitment and passion towards Total Quality that has always driven the company.


Attention to customer’s needs and expectations.

CRMThrough a deep and careful analysis of requirements and needs Trial offers to customer  the best technical and commercial solutions.

Where required Trial performs a complete analysis of the final application in order to develop tailor-made products,  optimized for specific requirements.

Every year dozens of customer’s applications are analyzed at Trial’s testing lab by monitoring working cycles and operating conditions.

A constant monitoring of customer satisfaction drives Trial on a continuous improvement of all products and services.

Through the adoption of a CRM software all customer information is combined and organized allowing to the company to efficiently follow up all the requests.


Added-value products and solutions.


The added-value Trial Srl puts into its products is a result of decades of  know how of manufacturers and a process of development  designed for creating competitiveness.

The product validation process includes performance and reliability tests by comparison to market benchmarks and the results can be shared with our customers.

Trial goes beyond the production of excellent products and can guarantee them within the final appliance required by the customer.

Some development and validation tools:

Acoustic analysis

Vibration analysis

Thermal analysis

Reliability and durability tests through 6 climatic chambers.

Destructive testing with respect to specific failure modes and failure analysis.

The mechanical design is carried through 3D modeling and simulation software; these are available on request to support the customer design.

Through a continuous updating, our products comply to the leatest required standards of safety and quality.


Partnership development.

Trial’s goal is to develop with its customers a partnership that generates over time mutual benefits and market competitiveness.

Through a strict cooperation with customer’s technical departments we develop customized versions.

Our technical know how and our own skilled manufacturers, allows a fast development of prototypes and samples on site.

The partnership between Trial and customers generates opportunities for mutual improvement and elements of competitiveness.