Exhaust smoke blowers


Trial has a full range of high-performance smoke extraction centrifugal fans which represent the most powerful solution available on the market today.

The result of twenty years of experience in the Heating sector, allow you to find the right answer in terms of size and performance for any type of application that needs to generate high suction power in high temperature environments.

Construction features

The constructive characteristics and the quality of the materials used guarantee a solid and durable structure that ensures the possibility of operating continuously in environments up to 100 ºC by moving fumes up to 300 ºC.

Structurally, they are equipped with a silicon aluminized sheet nut that ensures a light and balanced product that has a surface that is resistant to chemical agents derived from combustion fumes.

In addition, to ensure excellent flow stability with respect to the high and variable counter pressures to which they are subjected, The Trial centrifugals for smoke extraction are equipped with a stainless steel inverted blade fan whose extra glossy finish minimizes the accumulation of soot.

Equipped with an external rotor motor or, depending on the model, shaded poles and equipped with an optical reader to control the speed of rotation, Trial fans are therefore the most efficient in their class.

The suspension system of the silicone rubber engine guarantees high silence reducing the transmission of vibrations to the snail, besides the thermal break.

  • UL/CSA approved products are available and, upon request, with other certifications.
  • Possibility of operation at voltages and frequencies different from European standards: e.g. 110V – 60hz.
  • Energy-efficient versions are available with electronic brushless motors.
  • With the snail, is available on request, a complete set of gaskets in bio soluble fiber guaranteed up to 1,200 C.
  • You can customize the position of the fixing feet and temperature/pressure probes.


  • Pellet stoves and fireplaces.
  • Extraction of combustion fumes.
  • Hot air handling
  • Vending machines

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