Compact Fan


Trial offers a complete range of Compact Fans – axial or centrifugal – that, born for cooling in the electronic sector, are now used in countless applications where space availability is reduced.

Construction features

Silent and highly efficient, Trial Compacts Fans are available in different sizes and in a wide range of power/performance options, making them ideal for many applications.

The line is realized with AC or DC motors according to customer requirements.

  • DC models are available with tachymeter output, rotation presence signal, PWM control.
  • Available with self-lubricating crankshaft support or ball bearings for long life.
  • Available with faston electrical interface, connectors or cables.
  • Available in UL/CSA version.


  • Food or drink vending machines.
  • Cooling of electrical panels.
  • IT cooling in general.
  • Industrial applications.

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