Backward Centrifugal Blowers


These fans are the main solution when a large volume of air has to be displaced in tight spaces and under back pressure.

Generally used in suction systems, the backward centrifugal fans offer high levels of efficiency, low noise and excellent static pressure values, despite the high performance in terms of pressure.

Construction features

The backward centrifugal fans (or negative) have the particularity that the blades – usually in number from 6 to 14 – are larger than those in backward centrifugal and, as their name recalls, their rotation occurs in the opposite direction to the curvature of the blades.

This specific movement of the blades accompanies the air to its passage avoiding the formation of turbulence and this allows very high yields ensuring, in addition to lower energy consumption, a high pressure flow that makes it the ideal product for aspiration.

A significant peculiarity of these fans is that they generate air flow even in the absence of the snail, so much so that any external equipment serves only in case it is desired to convey the air itself.

The low dirt content of the blades, which, due to their shape, prevent dirt and dust from accumulating, should not be underestimated.

This line is realized with single suction, that is with an open screw on one side, and it foresees a wide choice of fans (in plastic or die-cast aluminium) with diameter from 190 to 281 mm and and variable heights between 45 and 63 mm.

  • Energy-efficient versions are available with electronic brushless motors.


  • Hoods
  • Pellet stoves and fireplaces
  • Central units of air conditioning
  • Ventilation systems of the building

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