Axial fan


The main feature of axial fans is to provide an abundant air flow in environments where it is not necessary to operate with high back pressure (maximum pressure 60Pa).

In these fans the fluid is sent parallel to the axis of the impeller, from the side where the motor is present (suction version) or from the opposite side (pressing version).

Trial Axial Fans provide uniform airflow with very low noise level.

Suitable for handling significant volumes of air using relatively small products, these fans are mainly used in the commercial refrigeration market.

Construction features

Trial Axial Fans are driven by brushless motors with electronic switching characterized by a high power density and high efficiency that allow them to achieve the required performance even with very limited dimensions.

Due to their features, these motors differ from asynchronous motors by the fact that they offer a very high torque even at low rpm.

The constructive characteristics and the typology of the materials used allow their use in cold and humid environments (between -30 and +60 C) being all the electrical parts insulated with a degree IP65.

The motor body is made of thermoplastic material with a compact design and is made with a double insulation (ground cable removal) made in Class B.

Available with or without brackets, the Trial Axial Fans operate with different supply voltages (230V or 115V) and frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and offer a choice of possible diameters from 154 to 254 mm.


  • Condensing units
  • Refrigeration
  • Ventilation
  • Heating unit

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