Trial Axial Fans are driven by brushless motors with electronic switching characterized by a high power density and high efficiency that allow them to achieve the required performance even with very limited dimensions.

Due to their features, these motors differ from asynchronous motors by the fact that they offer a very high torque even at low rpm.

  • On request, motors are available that allow setting and reading of the rotation speed as well as the direction of rotation.
  • Versions available for 24VDC power supply or wide range 100-240V 50/60hz (these motors guarantee exceptional energy savings – up to 80% – compared to a traditional asynchronous shaded motor poles of equal power).


2-pole motors with asynchronous induction operation and single-phase power supply.

Their simple construction guarantees reliability and durability with any operating temperature from -10 to +110ºC.

The motors are protected by an impedance locked rotor or by an automatic reset thermal protector and the available supply voltages vary between 12 and 240V with frequency 50 or 60hz.

Torque typical of the shielded pole motor, power absorbed from 10W to 80W.

  • Optional executions with overmolded winding for protection from splashes or condensation.
  • Available UL/CSA certifications.


Complete unit with 2-pole AC engine and long stainless steel shaft with immersion helix.

The electrical insulation is class F. The winding is protected by overmolding while the motor by a special protection against splashes for a greater warranty of operation.

Their simple construction guarantees reliability and long life with any operating temperature between -10 and +60 ºC.

  • Possibility of motor support by means of two screws on the end cap.
  • Availability of two-speed engines.
  • Electrical insulation available in class H.
  • Availability of VDE, UL/CSA certification.


Elements provided for application on the air outlet of the Tangential Fans in order to provide hot air.

The heating elements are equipped with protection against the lack (or insufficient) air flow, by means of a thermal protector with automatic reset.

The product allows you to choose between full power or half power operation by electrical connection.

These elements are made with lengths and fixing holes in accordance with the vents of the standard Trial Tangential Fans with fans of length between 90 and 360 mm.

  • Availability of insulated silicone rubber cables marked UL/CSA.


Variable speed drives regulate the effective value of the voltage on the load through partial waveform operated by a TRIAC.

They are equipped with special filters (inductance and capacitor) able to eliminate any noise conducted on the power line.

They are generally adapted to speed regulation in single-phase motors, or in any case with an inductive ohmic load, not being designed for the regulation of capacitive loads.

The device is not protected against overcurrents.


Trial fans are manufactured according to stringent quality standards and are recognized by the market for quality, reliability and low noise levels; in all operating conditions.

They do not need to be balanced as they comply with extremely rigid geometrical tolerances.

Axial Fans are made of aluminum or thermoplastic material and are a particularly efficient and silent product. 

They are available in diameters from 154 to 254 mm with possible inclinations from 22 to 34.

The Tangential Fans are made of aluminum and are available in diameters from 30 to 80 mm with lengths from 90 to 610 mm.

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