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Hot air blowers

General features

These blowers have been specifically designed for hot air ducting.

They can handle air with temperatures up to 180 °C and the external temperature can be as high as 90 °C

They have been designed for hot air ducting even at high values of counter-pressure.

At the free air operating point the airflow is high and the noise level is low.

The motors foreseen for this blower are: shaded pole, external rotor PSC or high efficiency 24 V d.c. brushless.




  • Pellet stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Heating systems
  • Industrial units


Construction details

The range of Trial hot air blowers includes several construction details to allow handling of air at high temperatures.

The use of high quality specialized materials results in a long life in continous operation even in adverse conditions.

The assembly of the motors to the body by means of silicone rubber washers ensures an adequate thermal insulation and low noise by vibration damping.

The Trial hot air blower motors are equipped by a self resetting thermal protector.

Filter by:
Voltage [V]
Frequency [Hz]
O - Impeller diameter mm
L - Impeller lenght mm
Free air flow rate [m3/h]
Static pressure [Pa]

Code Description Voltage V Frequency Hz Impeller diam mm Nominal lenght mm Free air flow rate m3/h Static pressure Min - max ambient T°C-°C Max T of flow medium °C
CAH08B4-001CFA826-D6-BNA 230V 50HZ2305085421201800 - 60 60120
CAH08B4-002CFA826-S6-BNA 230V 50HZ2305085421201800 - 60 60120
CAH08B4-003CFA826-D6- 230V 50HZ2305085421201800 - 60 60120
CAH08B4-004CFA826-S6- 230V 50HZ2305085421201800 - 60 60120
CAH11Y3-002CYKH20-108X34-S1-48W-PT150 230V50HZ23050108341602200 - 70180
CAH11Y3-004CYKH20-108X34-S8-48W-PT150 230V50HZ23050108341602200 - 70180
CAH11Y4-001CYKH25-108X42-D3-52W 230V 50HZ 23050108421852400 - 70180
CAH11Y4-002CYKH25-108X42-S3-52W 230V 50HZ 23050108421852400 - 70180
CAH11Y4-003CYKH25-108X42-D3-52W-PT150 230V50HZ23050108421852400 - 70180
CAH11Y4-004CYKH25-108X42-S3-52W-PT150 230V50HZ23050108421852400 - 70180
CAH11Y4-005YJ72-25E 70W 115/120V 60HZ D3 -UL11560108421903400 - 70180
CAH12R5-003CREH15-120X52-D1-G2-45W-1?F-S/A 23023050120522302800 - 70180
CAH12R5-007CREH15-120X52-D1-G2-45W-1?F-C 230V 23050120522302800 - 70180
CAH12Y4-001CYKH25-120X42-D3-55W 230V 50HZ 23050120421803100 - 70180
CAH12Y4-002CYKH25-120X42-S3-55W 230V 50HZ 23050120421803100 - 70180
CAH12Y4-003CYKH25-120X42-D3-55W-PT150 230V50HZ23050120421803100 - 70180
CAH12Y4-004CYKH25-120X42-S3-55W-PT150 230V50HZ23050120421803100 - 70180
CAH12Y4-005YJ72-25E 70W 115/120V 60HZ D3 -UL11560120421604200 - 70180
CAH12Y4-006YJ72-25E 70W 115/120V 60HZ S3 -UL11560120421604200 - 70180
CAH12Y5-001CYKH30-120X52-D3-80W-PT150 230V50HZ23050120522453100 - 70180
CAH12Y5-002CYKH30-120X52-S3-80W-PT150 230V50HZ23050120522453100 - 70180