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General features

The motor can be one phase a.c. or commutator PM d.c.   If a.c. it can be operated continously or intermittently and can be protected in the event of stall.

The rotation direction as seen from  the output shaft side of the box can be chosen  c.w. or c.c.w. for a.c. motors.

In case of d.c. motors the rotation direction defined as above can be set  c.w. or c.c.w. by reversing the polarity of the supply.

The gears of the gearbox are designed for long life. The gearboxes themselves are made out of die cast metal when high output torques are required.

The output shaft position can be chosen to meet customer needs and can be customized according to  customer’s specific requirements.

The output shaft can go through the gearbox or come out just on one side with the possibility of extracting it when the box is of die cast construction.

There is a wide choice for the output shaft from less than 1 rpm to more than 300 rpm

The starting or working torques on the output shaft are available up to 16 Nm

The operative ambient temperature range is from -10 to 60 °C

The Electrical supply connection is by  6,3X0,8 faston, soldering lugs or insulated cables.

Dual speed or dual voltage motors are available.

An electromechanical brake, with the possibility of manual tripping, is available on request.

When heavy operation is expected a fan can be put on the motor shaft to increase and improve the cooling process.

Significant axial or radial strain  on the output shaft could adversely affect the gearbox life.  If such is the case, check with Trial for an appropriate product.

Ground connection is available on request.

Products are certified CE and RoHS

Motor UL/CSA or VDE recognition available on request.