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Exhaust smoke blowers

Alternate current Centrifugal blowers for exhaust smoke extraction (CAF)

Trial can offer a complete range of centrifugal blowers for smoke extraction that best follow the segmentation of the solid fuel heating market.

For each pellet stove or boiler we can offer the optimal product in terms of outline dimension and performance.

– CAF12Y : Super compact design for stoves up to 6kW

– CAF15Y : The standard solution for stoves up to 12kW (also available in UL version)

– CAF15Y H: High performance series for stoves up to 18kW (also available in UL  version)

– CAF18Y : Ideal for biomass stoves or boilers up to 30kW


All the products presented can also be equipped with external rotor asincronous motor.


General features

These high performance centrifugal blowers were developed from Trial’s experience in the field of pellet stoves and are the top solution for this appliance.

Reliability, efficiency, compatibility with very high temperatures and low levels of clogging are the main features of the Trial smoke exhaust blowers.

Construction details and the quality of materials allow the blower to operate safely and continously at an ambient temperature of 95°C and with temperature of the fumes up to 300 °C.

The power consumption of only 40 W makes this Trial product the most efficient of the category.

These blowers are available with PSC external rotor or shaded pole motors.

They are equipped with a tacho sensor for the rotation speed control.



  • Pellet stoves and fire places
  • Combustion fumes exhausting
  • Hot air ducting


Construction details

This product from Trial is characterized by the use of high quality materials which make it reliable and long life even at high temperatures.


The motor winding has Class H insulating materials and in its standard version is protected by a self resetting thermal protector. The plastic insulating material is recognized by UL.

The backward curved blades ensure a stable airflow even if the counterpressure is high and unstable.  The super glossy finish of the blades prevents clogging by soot.

The motor assembly to the housing by means of silicone rubber washers prevents heat transmission to the motor and vibration transmission to the scroll.


The Trial steel sheet scroll is lightweight  and can be customized as far as the fastening brackets and the temperature and/or pressure sensors are concerned.

The surface silicon processing provides protection against chemicals which can be found in the combustion fumes.

A complete set of gaskets made out of biosoluble texture and usable up to 1200 °C is available.

Filter by:
Voltage [V]
Frequency [Hz]
O - Impeller diameter mm
L - Impeller lenght mm
Free air flow rate [m3/h]
Static pressure [Pa]

Code Description Voltage V Frequency Hz Impeller diam mm Nominal lenght mm Free air flow rate m3/h Static pressure Min - max ambient T°C-°C Max T of flow medium °C
CAF12Y-002CSCFOS-38W-2730RPM-S1-PT 230V50HZ23050120301652200 - 90280
CAF12Y-003CSCFOS-38W-2730RPM-S1-PT 230V50HZ23050120301652200 - 90280
CAF12Y-007CSCFOS-38W-2730RPM-S8-PT-SOO 230V50HZ23050120301652200 - 90280
CAF12Y-008CSCFOS-38W-2730RPM-S1-PT 230V50HZ23050120301652200 - 90280
CAF15Y-001BFCFHS-39W-2650RPM-TS7 230V50HZ23050150201703000 - 90280
CAF15Y-001FCFHS-39W-2650RPM-T -230V50HZ23050150200 - 90280
CAF15Y-002BFCFHS-39W-2650RPM-TS7 -230V50HZ23050150201703000 - 90280
CAF15Y-003PFCFHS-40W-2640RPM-RS8-PT-GZ 230V50HZ23050150201902950 - 90280
CAF15Y-007BFCFHS-39W-2650RPM-RS7-PT 230V50HZ23050150201703000 - 90280
CAF15Y-007FCFHS-39W-2650RPM-R PT 230V50HZ23050150201703000 - 90280
CAF15Y-008BFCFHS-39W-2650RPM-RS8-PT 230V50HZ23050150201803000 - 90280
CAF15Y-010BFCFHS-39W-2650RPM-TS3 230V50HZ23050150201703000 - 90280
CAF15Y-011BFCF 39W-2650RPM-TS7 230V50HZ23050150201703000 - 90280
CAF15Y-012BFCFHS-39W-2650RPM-RS8-PT 230V50HZ23050150201703000 - 90280
CAF15Y-017FCFHS-48W-2220RPM-TS- 230V50HZ23050150221803000 - 90280
CAF15Y-020PFCFHS-40W-2640RPM-RS3-PT 230V50HZ23050150201902950 - 90280
CAF15Y-020PSCFHS-40W-2640RPM-RS3-PT 230V50HZ23050150201902950 - 90280
CAF15Y-024PFCFHS-40W-2640RPM-RS3-PT 230V50HZ23050150201902950 - 90280
CAF15Y-025PFCFHS-40W-2640RPM-RS1-PT 230V50HZ23050150201902950 - 90280
CAF15Y-026PFCFHS-40W-2640RPM-RS8-PT 230V50HZ23050150201902950 - 90280
CAF15Y-027PFCFHS-44W-2450RPM-RS3-PT 115V60HZ11560150201803500 - 90280
CAF15Y-038PSHCFHS-44W-2470RPM-RS3-PT 230V50HZ23050150302253500 - 90280
CAF15Y-039PSYJ72-20E 44W 115/120V 60HZ -UL11560150201803500 - 90280
CAF15Y-103PSCFOS-40W-2640RPM-RS8-PT-GZ 230V50HZ23050150201902950 - 90280
CAF15Y-125PSHCFOS-44W-2470RPM-RS1-PT 230V50HZ23050150302253500 - 90280
CAF18C-001FVCXFUMI 72W 2450RPM 2UF HS 230V50/623050/6018045400300-25 - +70250
CAF18C-007SVCXFUMI 72W 2450RPM 2UF HS EC 230V523050/6018045400300-25 - +70250
CAF18C-008SVCXFUMI 72W 2450RPM 2UF HSO EC 230V23050/6018045400300-25 - +70250
CAF18Y-004CSCFOS-77W-2280RPM-S6-PT-S/C 230V50HZ23050180383304650 - 70250
CAF18Y-005CSCFOS-77W-2280RPM-D6-PT-S/C 230V50HZ23050180383304650 - 70250