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Dual air outlet

Construction details

The air outlet is divided into two symmetrical parts and the motor is placed in the middle.

Better stiffness of the wheel is thus achieved when compared to a single outlet blower with the same length

A bracket with mounting holes  supports the two halves of the blower.

The standard lengths for the air outlet are 2 X 180 mm and 2 X 360 mm and  the standard wheel diameter is 60 mm

Other lengths and/or diameters are available on request.

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Frequency [Hz]
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Static pressure [Pa]

Code Description Voltage V Frequency Hz Impeller diam mm Nominal lenght mm Free air flow rate m3/h Static pressure Min - max ambient T°C-°C Max T of flow medium °C
TAD18B-002TFA014-R5- 230V50/60HZ 23050/6060172310600 - 6060
TAD18B-027TFA005-R5- 230V50/60HZ *23050/6060172232600 - 6060
TAD18B-035TFA003-R3- 230V50/60HZ 23050/6060172000 - 6060
TAD24B-012TFA057-R5-F9E 230V50/60HZ 23050/6060232290610 - 6060
TAD24B-016TSA005-R3-C78-UMID-P-MX 230V50/60HZ23050/6060232284450 - 6060
TAD27B-032TFA032-R5-2V-VLC 230V50/60HZ 23050/6060260343420 - 6060
TAD27B-033TSA006-R6-C09 230V50/60HZ23050/6060262330500 - 6060
TAD30B-009TSA050-R3-C78-UMID-P-MX 230V50/60HZ2305060292425600 - 6060