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Forward curved centrifugal

General features

Amongst the primary features of the centrifugal blowers with forward curved blades there is the high power density, which means a high pressure of air flow produced within a confined space. These blowers are suited to applications where a large air volume is to be moved within a small space.

The noise generated by these units is relatively low.

They can be used both as exhaust fans or as blowers.

The efficiency in the working point can be maximized, but when the working point approaches the free air point, the input power can increase considerably.

The housing of the single suction blowers is open only on one side. The main features of this range of products by Trial are high efficiency, low noise, high static pressure, rugged design and reduced size.

The motor types applied on this blower include: shaded pole, external rotor PSC or brushless.



  • Fans
  • Boilers and burners
  • Printing and offset machines
  • Industrial machinery
  • Fume or vapour extractors

Construction details

This family of  single inlet centrifugal blowers includes a large choice of housing materials: plastic, die-cast aluminium, painted metal sheet.

The customization possibilities include: motors, flanges, nozzles, motor hoods and electrical connections.

The performance range for this family of products is shown below. Please use the filter and the selection utility to pinpoint the product best suited for your requirements.


Filter by:
Voltage [V]
Frequency [Hz]
O - Impeller diameter mm
L - Impeller lenght mm
Free air flow rate [m3/h]
Static pressure [Pa]

Code Description Voltage V Frequency Hz Impeller diam mm Nominal lenght mm Free air flow rate m3/h Static pressure Min - max ambient T°C-°C Max T of flow medium °C
CAA07B-006CFA003-O7- 230V50/60HZ23050/607640481050 - 5050
CAA07B-014CFA004-O7- 230V50/60HZ 23050/607640551200 - 6060
CAA10B-006CFA668-O8-C71-PT160 230V50/60HZ 23050/6097501902600 - 5050
CAA10C-013CFA669-O8-PT180-COL/LA-SCM 230V50/623050/609750000 - 100100
CAA10C-015CFA669-O8-PT180-C71-COL/LA 230V50 23050/6097501722550 - 5050
CAA10Y-001CYKH25-97X55-55W-PT150 230V50HZ2305097551902500 - 7070
CAA10Y-001HCYKH30-108X42-85W-PT150 230V50HZ23050108422303300 - 7070
CAA10Y-002CYKH25-97X55-55W-PT150-S/C 230V50HZ2305097551902500 - 7070
CAE07B-001CFA012-O7-P- 24V50/60HZ 2450/60704660700 - 6060
CAE10C-003CFA668-O8-MC-C71-PT160-TF-COL-230V523050/600000 -
CAP05B-001TCFA109Z-O7-PMO90-VO-CMO 230V50/60HZ23050/60553035410 - 5050
CAP05B-007CFAC01-O7-PM90-B40-CMO 230V50/60HZ23050/60553018400 - 50 50?50
CAP05B-016CFA109Z-O8-PM90-R.VO 230V50/60HZ23050/60553018410 - 5050
CAP05B-040CPA001-O7-C31-FP 230V50/60HZ23050/60553035410 - 5050
CAP05B-049CFA402-O7-PM90-B40-UL 110-120V60HZ23050/60553018400 - 50 50?50
CAP05B-049CFA402-O7-PM90-B40-UL 110-120V60HZ110-12060553020600 - 5555
CAP05B-072CFA660-O7-PMO45-B38,5-C2V-V0 230/5023050/60553028350 - 5050
CAP05B-086CFA176-O7-PT140-PM90-B38-CMO 230V5023050/60553018400 - 5050
CAP07B-007CFA403-O7-UL 110-120V60HZ110-120607046781050 - 5555
CAP07B-012CFA003-O7- 230V50/60HZ *23050/60704646560 - 6060
CAP07B-022CFA003-O7-PM0? 230V50/60HZ 23050/60704666700 - 6060
VCE 48545VC14LA/H15 ROT.EST. 230V50HZ *23050140594203500 - 4040
VCE 48616VC14LA/H35 ROT.EST.POT.230V 50/60HZ23050/60140595203500 - 5050
VCE 48617VC12 H15 RE CABLAT 85W 230V 50/60HZ23050/60120623003000 - 4040
VCE 48646VC12 H15 ROT.EST.73W 220-240V50HZ220 - 24050120622733000 - 4040
VCE 48667VC12 H15 ROT.EST.DEPOT.57W 230V50HZ23050120622602300 - 4040