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Dual inlet centrifugal

General features

The scroll of the dual suction centrifugal blower is open on both sides.  The wheel length to axial size ratio is thus maximized.

The main features of this range of Trial products are: high efficiency, low noise, rugged design and small size.

A range of products designed to produce low noise when the supply comes from an electronic speed regulator (Triac) belongs to this family.

The motors foreseen for this blower are: shaded pole, external rotor PSC or brushless.

The wheel diameters range from 76 to 133mm with 87 to 196 mm length.

Serie CAD


  • Pellet stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Ventilation units

Construction details

The Trial dual suction centrifugal blowers stand out for ruggedness and quality of manufacture.

The galvanized steel housing has been designed with a precise choice of thickness and shape in order to give the required stiffness at a reduced weight.

The Trial assembly techniques for each product ensure sufficient strength, no vibration or resonance.

Particular care has been devoted in order to obtain a straight air outlet and outstanding mechanical construction.


The following diagram shows  that the range of pressures and air flows for this kind of products is particularly large.


Please use the filter and the selection utility to pinpoint the product best suited to your requirements.

Filter by:
Frequency [Hz]
O - Impeller diameter mm
L - Impeller lenght mm
Free air flow rate [m3/h]
Static pressure [Pa]

Code Description Voltage V Frequency Hz Impeller diam mm Nominal lenght mm Free air flow rate m3/h Static pressure Min - max ambient T°C-°C Max T of flow medium °C
CAD07B-006CFA715-D6-PT140-PM0? 230V 50/60HZ 23050/6076872101700 - 6060
CAD07B-007CFA685-D5 230V 50/60HZ 23050/6076872101700 - 6060
CAD07B-009CFA715-S6-PT140-PM0? 230V 50/60HZ 23050/6076872101700 - 60 6060
CAD07B-012CFA715-D1-PT140-PM0? 230V 50/60HZ23050/6076872101700 - 6060
CAD07B-015CFA715-S7-PT140 230V50/60HZ 23050/6076872101700 - 60 6060
CAD12R-001CREH15-120X123 CSX 90W 2UF 230V50/623050/601201234003600 - 7070
CAD12R-004CREH15-120X123 SX CPF5 90W 2UF 230V230501201234003600 - 7070
CAD12R-005CREH15-120X123 S1 90W 2UF CABL 230V23050/601201234003600 - 7070
CAD12R-006CREH15-120X123 S1 90W 2UF CABL 230V23050/601201234003600 - 7070
CAD13R-002FCREH25-133X126 150W COMPLETO 230V 23050/601331266403600 - 5050
CAD13R-003FCREH25-133X190 75W 2UF COMPL. 230V 230501331907201150 - 5050
CAD13R-005CREH25-133X196 75W 2UF 230V50/60HZ 230501331967101100 - 5050