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Backward centrifugal

General features

The backward curved blade blowers stand out for the number of blades  ( 6 to 14)  which are much larger than the forward curved ones and for the reverse rotation sense.

The backward curved or negative blade blowers normally run at a high rotational speed and result in a high pressure air flow.  They are normally used as exhaust units.

These blowers match a good aeraulic efficiency to a low noise level.

A significant feature of this type of blower is that  the blades will not gather dirt particles thanks to the shape.



  • Extractor hoods
  • Pellet stoves and fireplaces
  • Central units for air conditioning
  • Ventilation systems for buildings

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Voltage [V]
Frequency [Hz]
O - Impeller diameter mm
L - Impeller lenght mm
Free air flow rate [m3/h]

Code Description Voltage V Frequency Hz Impeller diam mm Nominal lenght mm Free air flow rate m3/h Static pressure Min - max ambient T°C-°C Max T of flow medium °C
RAA25R5-002RREH25-252X50-60W-2UF 230V50/60HZ220 - 24050/6025250743-30 - 4545
RAA28R5-001RREH42-281X50-270W-8UF 230V50/60HZ 23050/60281501843-30 - 4545
RAP19R4-001RREH15-190X45-50W-2UF 230V50/60HZ220 - 24050/6019045570-30 - 6565
RAP22R4-001RREH20-220X45-100W-3UF 230V50/60HZ23050/6022045805-30 - 7070
RAP22R6-002RREH35-225X63-160W-5UF 230V50/60HZ23050/60220631300-30 - 5050
RAP25R5-003RREH35-250X50-190W-5UF 230V50HZ 23050250501549-30 - 5050