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Centrifugal blowers

General features

The centrifugal (or radial) blowers are generally characterized by high static pressure and high efficiency at the working point.

The air is sucked in the same direction  as the wheel’s shaft and pushed in a radial direction.

The centrifugal blowers are classified according to the direction of the blade curvature with respect to the rotation of the wheel. So they are  classified as forward curved  blade, backward curved blade or radial blade blowers.

The set-up of the blade curvature gives  significant differences in the  blower performance.

The forward curved blade centrifugal blowers are to be  always used with the wheel placed in a housing, contrary to the backward curved blade blowers. The latter in fact increases the air pressure within the blades.

According to the aeraulic or geometric requirements, the suction side of the forward curved blade blowers can be single or dual.