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Axial fan

General features

In these fans the air flows in a direction parallel to the axis of the wheel towards the motor body (suction side) or towards the opposite side (pressing side).

The main feature of the axial fans is to provide a large air flow when the counterpressure is low (max pressure 12 Pa)

These fans provide a smooth air flux with a very low noise level.  The overall dimensions are small.

The axial fans are recommended when significant air flows are required in suction or pressing mode of operation.

The performance of these fans is strongly influenced by the shape of the suction  nozzle and by the diameter of the air duct, if any.



  • Condensers
  • Refrigerating units
  • Ventilation units
  • Heating units

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O - Impeller diameter mm
L - Impeller lenght mm

Code Description Voltage V Frequency Hz Impeller diam mm Nominal lenght mm Free air flow rate m3/h Static pressure Min - max ambient T°C-°C Max T of flow medium °C
AAS09B-001AFA001-O7 230V50/60HZ23050/60908000 - 6060
AAS13B-004AFA003-A7 230V50/60HZ23050/6013016000 - 6060
AAS15B-007AFA003-A7-PDX 230V50/60HZ23050/6015430000 - 6060
AAS15B-012AFA005-A7-PDX-P-ASP 230V50/60HZ 23050/6015430000 - 6060
AAS17B-009AFA005-A7-PDX-ASP-EC 230V50/60HZ23050/6017232000 - 6060